One of the main tasks of the cait its to create a catalogue of the architectural heritage of the modern movement placed in the Tarragona province. In order to develop the catalogue, the first research is made by students in the subjet’s workshop of Architecture Theory and Criticism. These first approaches are useful in order to develop a long list of relevant modern, modernism and contemporary architecture.

To identify the most valuable architecture works deeper studies are developed by the cait researchers in order to redraw with accuracy the original architectural designs. Once this research process (estimated in aprox. 50 hrs work) is completed, the works of architecture are selected and delivered to DOCOMOMO ibérico, in order to protect Tarragona’s modern movement architecture heritage.

Nowadays the cait’s general catalogue holds 213 entries in a timeline that goes from 1890 to 1996. Antonio Bonet (Barcelona, 1913-1989) is the most important author followed by Jose Antonio Coderch, Manuel, Baldrich, Enric Llimona, Josep Ma Monravà, Manuel Valls, Luis Peral and Antonio de la Vega.

Docomomo Ibérico contributions :

2013. Varios autores (pdf, 12 mb)
Fábrica Punta BIC, Tarragona 1962 (Enric Llimona Raymat)
Edificio Renault, Tarragona 1960 (Antonio Bonet Castellana, Josep Puig Torné)
Apartamentos en playa de Vilafortuny, Cambrils 1962 (Manuel Baldrich Tibau)
Urbanización Vilafortuny, Cambrils 1964 (Manuel Baldrich Tibau)
Apartamentos Scipio Flats DMS-I, Vilaseca 1962 (Josep Ferrer Bosch)
Hotel-apartamento torre Itàlia, Salou 1964 (Antonio Bonet Castellana, Josep Puig Torné)

2014. Antonio Bonet : Poblado de Hifrensa (pdf, 37 mb)
Poblado Hifrensa, l’Hospitalet de l’Infant 1967 (Antonio Bonet Castellana)
Pabellones de la Central Nuclear de Vandellòs-I, l’Hospitalet de l’Infant 1967 (Antonio Bonet Castellana)

2016. Josep Puig Torné : Apartamentos Paris (pdf, 9 mb)

2017. Central Nuclear de Vandellòs-I (pdf, 28 mb)

2017. Josep Ferrer Bosch : Apartamentos DMS-II (pdf, 10 mb)

Local administrations have commissioned modern heritage catalogues and restorations to cait:

City of Salou Modern Style and Modern Movement catalogues (pdf, 149.7 mb)
– City of Torredembarra Modern Style Movement catalogue
– City of Altafulla Modern Style catalogue
– Protection and Restoration Design Systems for Hifrensa Urbaniztion
City of Hospitalet del Infant’s Spanish Republican Army’s Archeological Sity catalogue (pdf, 68.6 mb)
– Cambrils Modern Movement catalogue (work in process)
– Antonio Bonet’s Aster School Restoration (work in process)